Our next 21-Day From Pain To Freedom Facebook Challenge is
Starting on Nov. 13th 2017 Ending on Dec. 3rd 2017!

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This Program is normally $297
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This program is not offered as $65 per person, it can only be purchased at this time for $197 and two friends. If you only have one friend to share or no one to share with, it is still $197 for a limited time. Join us and make new friends while you free yourself from pain.
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Once the special expires, it'll be $197 per person)

How does it work with bringing two friends?
Once you have paid and registered, send us an email with the name (and FB name) of your friends and their email address so we can add them into the closed FB group.

Our next 21-Day From Pain To Freedom Facebook Challenge is
Starting on Nov. 13th 2017 Ending on Dec. 3rd 2017!

In this 21-Day Challenge, practical tools will be delivered to you via a closed FaceBook group in a video format. These tools are all holistic, natural, safe AND simple to implement.

I'll be there to guide you along in the process and walk you through step-by-step.

Although it is a challenge, I promise that it will be a very joyous process, pain-free and effort-free. Your job will be to simply show up and follow along.

In this 21-Day challenge I will:

bluecheckmarkShare with you what I did to free myself from a severe allergic reaction that debilitated my life, without any medications, all natural with the wisdom that we all already have.  This reaction NEVER came back and I didn't need to manage it once it was gone.

bluecheckmarkProvide you with powerful and simple tools that I use in my healing practice (and in my personal life) to help people like you, understand where their pain is coming from, why it is here as well as how to get liberated from those pains, aches, and discomfort — whether physical or emotional.

bluecheckmarkShow you what you can do TODAY to help yourself move away from pain and into freedom. It's not going to be hard work, it's going to be focused work, simple work, yet incredibly deep and profound. This 21-day challenge may be THE THING you have been asking and praying for.

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"Before the 21-day challenge, I had thoughts of hopelessness and felt like I was lacking the courage to make a change! This absolutely pushed me and allowed me to have the courage to start my healing process and IT IS WORKING!! I have a road ahead and it's looking better every day. I use one of the techniques Sigal taught me and I am able to impact and create
a positive shift for myself, my back, my son and even my mom in heaven.  
It IS Fascinating and it works beautifully. 
There is so much to share, so many blessings. I feel that this challenge brought
new awareness and changed my life. I will keep on learning with Sigal Zoldan."

~ Erin, Los Angeles, CA.



Everything that I will share with you will be SUPER-EASY
to implement. Don't fall into skepticism, negativity or hopelessness. Show up for 21 days and see for yourself.


When you register below, set an intention to show up for the whole 21 days and enjoy the process of letting go and freeing yourself of your physical and emotional pains.

This is an invitation to your health and well-being. I'll be your guide and you will be the driver. Totally in control.

I hope you are ready for a fabulous ride!!

Please don't just take my word for it that what I teach actually works. After all, when it's working for someone else it's not enough for you to move away from YOUR pain and into YOUR freedom, right? You, also, have to walk the healing path in order to reap the benefits.

I know that I'll be there for you and do everything in my power to support you in moving away from pain and into freedom.

The 21-Day From Pain To Freedom is also available via emails, yet the best way is to do it as a group because you do not get any support via the email program. If you are not using Facebook, you can set up an account right now or get this series via email later on. Just email us back and let us know you prefer to do this program via emails. Note: support will be given only via the FB group.

You can sign up for the challenge by clicking on the button below and follow the instructions on the next page after signing up.
But do so ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS AND ABOUT TO PLACE YOUR PAYMENT – You can also request here to join the closed FB group. You will be approved into the group only after your payment has been received. 

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Disclaimer: This program is not intended to replace any traditional therapy and is for self-improvement purposes only. Participants are responsible for their own actions and results. Please consult with your health-care provider for any changes you would like to make in regards to your physical and/or emotional health and well-being.